What material is used for my address numbers?
We use high quality vinyl decal material. It is very durable and waterproof. The material comes in any color. We carry the following vinyl decal material for home address numbers:

We carry house number decals for transoms and fanlights in the following materials:
Florentine Gold Leaf
Brushed Metallic Gold
Florentine Silver Leaf
Brushed Metallic Silver
Champagne Mist
Slate Grey
Frosted (matte clear)
Glow in the dark

Make your brownstone beautiful with custom address numbers!

Do the home address vinyl numbers go on the inside or outside of the window?
Default set up is for installation on the outside of the window. If they are a solid color they can be installed on the inside or outside of the transom window - however you need to let us know if you want them to be installed on the inside of the window before we go to production. All gold metallic home address numbers must be installed on the outside of the window.

Do you install the window address numbers?
No, however we offer an easy to follow How To Pocket Guide, and installation kit.

Can I install the home address number decals myself?
Yes. We can send it to you prepped and ready to go. It makes for a fun DYI project. We also have a How To Pocket Guide available for purchase.

Can I create a custom transom address number design?
Yes. We'll work with you to create whatever you wish. Select any font, color and style for your very own custom address number design. Additional design charges apply.

Do you mail transom address numbers nationwide?
YES. We prepare the numbers for installation and send them via FEDEX.

Do you have Gold and Silver home address numbers?
Yes. We have beautiful Florentine Gold Leaf and Florentine Silver Leaf for classic and classy looking transom address home numbers. We also carry Brushed Gold and Brushed Silver material for your address decal numbers.

Do you have Glow in the Dark home address numbers?
Yes. Order your glow in the dark transom address number decals for something really cool and different! Great for dark rural or remote areas.