22k Brushed and Florentine Gold Vinyl


Philly Transom is now offering 22k Brushed and Florentine Gold Vinyl. The Brushed and Florentine real gold vinyls can be found on our website along with our wide array of other vinyl options. We’re offering real gold vinyl with real premium quality that lasts for a long time. The new 22k gold vinyl is durable, weather proof, and of course is high-quality. Enhance your house, business, restaurant, or even your mailbox numbers by adding the high-end look of our elegant 22k gold vinyl.

Our non-fading 22k gold vinyls, brushed and Florentine, have a 15 year non fading indoor/outdoor guarantee on a non print surface. For a printable surface it has an 8 year guarantee of non fading. This is great because you will no longer have to constantly keep spending money to replace old vinyls. Our real gold vinyl also has clear, pressure sensitive adhesive. No water, or heat, is needed to activate the adhesive making the process of putting the Transom up quick and easy! The vinyl is also easy to cut and weed on vinyl cutting plotter machines and have excellent conformability, even on rivets. You also no longer have to waste time trying to find vinyl that your machines can cut. Both vinyl’s also have their edges stripped for Gerber Edge. The possibilities of using our 22k gold vinyl are endless- signage, house numbers, emergency vehicles, fleet vehicles, boats, cars, motorcycles, music instruments & graphic design.

Our 22k brushed and Florentine gold vinyl is top shelf.  The gold vinyl glistens, has a bold impression ,and overall speaks for itself. Due to the other vinyls not being real gold or silver, they still give off a shiny and elegant appearance, but doesn’t stand out on its own the way the 22k gold vinyl does. 

Real Gold is the apex of high-end businesses. When you choose real gold. You’re choosing the real deal. This elegant vinyl will leave your new house numbers looking and feeling luxurious. The vinyl glistens in and out of the sunlight making it almost impossible to not lock eyes with the 22k gold. This vinyl could add a bold and confident look to your restaurant, jewelry store, or any business out there that needs something to set them apart from their competition. If you're trying to give off a sophisticated, expensive, and elegant look, choose our brand new 22k gold vinyl for your next Transom order. 

Each transom order is custom made to fit your window and desired size, font and styling. Why not take it to the level and choose 22k gold vinyl. The Brushed and Florentine durable, weather proof, and eye-catching. If you’re looking for real gold vinyl,  with real premium quality, that lasts for a long time, order our 22k real gold vinyl. The Brushed and Florentine real gold vinyls are available and can both be found on our website. What’s stopping you from taking your transom numbers to the next level of luxury?


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