What is Transom and what can it do for your home?

The numbers above your home window have to be functional and add visual value to your home. Our bespoke transom numbers are perfect for brownstones, shops, office buildings, and more.

Transom house numbers are named after the transom window above a door, sometimes called a fanlight. These windows let in extra light and fresh air, bringing warmth inside the house. In the 1700s the Transom house number became the crown jewel of the home, often painted with elegant gold leaf.

We offer a wide variety of materials and fonts for a custom look. Options like silverleaf, Florentine gold leaf made with real 22k gold, brushed gold, an array of metallics, and even glow in the dark vinyl let you create your own design.

Our elegant transom numbers are visible from a distance combining their function and enhancing the style and aesthetics of your home. Our Vinyls are long lasting and weatherproof ensuring your transom will be beautiful for years to come.

Transom lettering continues to be a cherished tradition, adding value, beauty, and a touch of artisan charm to homes and various surfaces. With a wide array of options and a DIY installation approach, it has never been easier to customize your transom lettering to suit your style. Explore the possibilities and let your home or chosen object shine with the timeless elegance of transom lettering. With our nation wide shipping we deliver quality products all across the nation. Order Online Today for your own custom transom lettering.

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