The Perfect Transom Numbers for the Style of your Washington DC Home

Homes in Washington DC sport a wide range of architectural styles. This blog post explores the various types and why custom transom address numbers are well suited for them all.

The Federal style looks exactly like it sounds- noo-frills and utilitarian in design. Many date back to the early 19th century. Most have a transom window, or fan light. Adding modest custom transom address numbers would be a beautiful accent to an otherwise unremarkable row home, and help it stand out from the rest. A good fit would be brushed silver, pewter or copper vinyl address numbers. We'd recommend a sans serif font like Motor Oil or Gotham!

The Tudor style gained popularity in the early 20th century, especially in the Mount Pleasant area of Washington DC. Their Continental style makes for a distinct look. Exposed wood is often used as an accent to the windows and doors. No question that a classic font like Bodini works for the transom address numbers. Or, to play off the medieval look of these homes, King Petrocks font is a fun choice that totally fits! Also, adding some design accents would work well with this style of home.

Beaux Arts homes also came into vogue in the early 20th century. This French-style are ornate, but not too over the top. Washington DC sports some of the finest homes of this type. The use of stone and metal make for a solid, almost regal look. Florentine Golf Leaf or Silver Leaf transom address numbers are a must for this type of home. Bodini is the clear choice for the font. Stroll around Connective Ave NW in Washington DC to find some of these beautiful homes.

Of course, Colonial-style homes can be found throughout the suburbs of Washington DC. Their white color and distinctive black shutters make for a gracious look. A solid color vinyl is recommended for this type of home. Florentine Gold Leaf may contrast a bit too much, but may work in certain cases. Stately fonts like Penumbra, Fairfax and Baskerville are sure bets.

Finaly, we come to Victorian Homes. Many are located in Dupont Circle, however you'll find in them in most cities on the East Coast. They're ornate and feature stone facades with fine craftsmanship. These are suited for brushed gold or brushed silver custom vinyl transom address numbers.

Keep in mind, the above suggestions are just that- suggestions. Ultimately, your address numbers should be what you like! You can create your own custom address numbers design with us to best suit the characteristics of your Washington DC home. Whether it's adding design accents like "Lafayette"  or getting artistic by picking a vinyl color that compliments your home. The Transom Numbers can certainly be the crown jewel of your home.


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