The Perfect One-of-a-Kind Gift

Whether for a new homeowner, a perennial Do-It-Yourselfer, or the one on your list who is hard to shop for, a custom transom vinyl decal from Philly Transom makes a great and unexpected gift. Interior designers and home improvers have turned to us for opulent, bespoke transom number designs and vinyl decals. These go on the transom, or fanlight, above the front door of a residence or brownstone. You can choose from a variety of stylish, fun, or offbeat choices to make each order unique. What’s more, the recipients will think of you, the giver, often, when they enter their home, as you have helped them create this opulent crowning jewel at their residence. You may even be tempted to order one for your own home as well!

A pocket guide book and an installation kit are available to make installation as easy as possible. If you are truly uncertain as to which styles and materials are right for your intended recipient, gift certificates are available so that they can choose the font, material, and accents they find most suitable.

The typical cost of a custom transom number is between $100 and $200. That cost varies depending on the materials, there being a wide variety of high quality vinyl, including the popular 22 karat gold vinyl, which is made using actual 22 karat gold. Other metallic vinyls are also available, such as golds, silvers, copper, and pewter. These lend a stately and classic look to the home entrance. Think of pairing colors to the exterior of the home for an understated look or contrasting colors that pop. Some pleasing combinations are patterned gold with red brick, champagne mist with cobalt, Florentine silver leaf with natural cedar, and pewter with stone. Black with a white stroke and drop shadow pairs well with stucco, or consider white with a black stroke and drop shadow for a white mailbox. Glow-in-the-dark is an unusual choice, but can be very practical when used on the interior of an apartment building or vestibule, or anywhere it gets very dark.

To make a transom number unique, accents are available in addition to your chosen font or you can add both a flourish and the street name. A choice of 14 flourishes and accents are all so beautiful, they are difficult to choose between them. Check out the Gallery for more ideas. A mock-up of your custom design will help you to visualize the final product. You can choose the style that best suits the style of the intended house. For example, adding the number abbreviation “No.” before the house number suits a house in a pre-1920 style. Adding a more contemporary accent, such as Mansard or Kahn, suits a post-1920 style house.

The font also corresponds to the style of the house’s architecture. For example, a residence in a post modern architectural style would have a typeface with a contemporary feel, such as Helvetica or Franklin Gothic. While matching a traditional style with a traditional, seriffed typeface gives an elegant look, a bold pairing of a sans serif, contemporary typeface contrasted with an Arts & Crafts or Queen Anne style architecture can stand out more. Whether the house is in the Federal, Victorian, or Modern style, there is an appropriate transom number design at Philly Transom.

The quality of design and material from Philly Transom is at a level worthy of giving as a gift for even the most discriminating tastes and those hard to please on your gift list. The gift certificate, presented in a beautiful gold envelope, comes with a complimentary pocket guide and installation kit, giving confidence to your recipient and conveying a sense of occasion and excitement. The vinyl, whether metallic, glow-in-the-dark, or solid color, is of a high quality that should last a long time. Each transom vinyl transfer is as unique as each address and is custom made for your order. We provide a mock up before finalizing your order so you can see exactly what it will look like. Transom numbers make a practical, easy stocking stuffer for Christmas or a housewarming gift with utility to a new homeowner. You cannot go wrong with a Philly Transom decal!


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