Professional Polish over the Competition

Why order custom numbers from Philly Transom when you can buy individual numbers from the hardware store or the online shopping arena? You can and in many cases it will be more cost effective. However, it will look cheap. It will be less convenient and more trouble trying to line up the numbers and letters. Have you ever walked by a storefront with vinyl lettering that seemed to bounce all over the window, and not in a pleasant way? That is a typical result of installing numbers or letters one by one. It might look “close enough” at the time, but step back and it looks sloppy! It makes you uncomfortable looking at the slightly off lettering. You don’t want that for the transom window address numbers for your home. Going with the professionals can result in, well, a clean, professional look. The way that the custom transom vinyl is manufactured, everything is already lined up and ready to be installed from a single cut of vinyl measured to the dimensions of your window. We create transom numbers for you, the customer, based on the measurements you provide for your specific transom window. You pick from an assortment of professionally curated fonts and custom accents. The variety of beautiful materials, typefaces and embellishments also give your transom a polished, professional look. The thoughtful variety of embellishments match a variety of architectural styles and you can choose one to compliment the aesthetic of your home or office building. These choices also involve the customer in the creative process and give a truly fulfilling feeling when the final look is installed. It will be the crown jewel of your home. There even is a handy pocket guide available for the new do-it-yourselfers that could not explain it any better! The pocket guide to applying the vinyl effectively is the best way to ensure straight, centered transfer of the decal. Simply request one for $2.99 when you place your order and we’ll include it in your shipment. To go another step further, you can add onto your order the DIY Transom Number Installation Kit, which includes everything you need for a successful DIY installation. These items are the Pocket Guide, a squeegee, crayon for marking, and a small level. Another great thing about getting professional grade transom numbers is that the higher quality of vinyl we provide. These beautiful materials include real 22K gold vinyl, Florentine style gold leaf, brushed silver, copper and pewter. It will last longer than the lower quality product that is available in a retail hardware store. So for years to come, our customers have the satisfaction of gazing at their sumptuous style choices and a beautiful installation every time they enter their building, and a pride in their wisdom to choose Philly Transom.

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