How to Pick the Right Font for your Custom Home Address Numbers

One of the most common questions we get when consulting with clients on their transom address numbers is "What font should I use?". When choosing your font ( aka typeface), there is no one correct answer, however below are some things to consider.

We often do custom vinyl address numbers for Brownstones in Philadelphia. Many of these were built in the 1800's and are rich and elegant in style. Bodoni is far and away the most popular font to use for this type of home. This typeface was designed by Giambattista Bodoni (1740-1813) during the late 1700's. It is a serif typeface that has stood the test of time. Its solid classic design is timeless. One can't go wrong selecting this typeface for their Brownstone or Townhome. Looking for something a little different? Baskerville and Fairfax are too other fonts that lend themselves to this classic, regal look.

If your home is more modern in style, we believe a san serif typeface is a must. These too, remain timeless in their look and never go out of style. Gotham is a popular choice for its no nonsense design. Its more understated than a serif font and it is utilitarian in nature. The last thing you want for a modern home is for your address numbers to look out of place or garner too much attention.

Designing your custom address numbers also comes down to your personal preference. You may want something between these options. Not too classic and not too plain. Penumbra typeface is a good solution for something that has a hint of class and is practical at the same time.

Looking for an Art Deco vibe for your address numbers? Try the Motor Oil, Market Deco or Deco Tech Font. They are not overt but they do carry the look and feel of the Art Deco period. Copperplate is also a strong choice. Its along the lines of an old bank note or stock certificate.

Every person's home is their castle, so why not go with something with a Renaissance flair like Lucinda Blackletter or King Petrocks? These evoke the spirit of medieval times.

Some people want a truly custom solution, so we do offer the option for you to pick a font outside what we have on the site.

With every custom vinyl address number job, we provide a mock up for your approval. At this time, you can change the font if you don't like the look of it. Often times you don't really know until you see it.

Regardless of which font you pick, adding bespoke transom window address numbers to your home is an easy way to beautify your home.

PS- Curious to learn more about the proper use of the term "font" vs. "typeface"? Click here!


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