The Crown Jewel

Looking to sell your home in the city? Here's a simple way to make a great first impression and improve your home's curb appeal.

Residential real estate is currently experiencing a major shift. Homes in the suburbs are selling sight unseen while people choose to relocate from the cities to areas with a different dynamic and vibe. In my view, it will be a buyers market in most major cities for the foreseeable future. If you're looking to sell your home in the city, you need to do everything you can to make a great first impression on the potential buyer.

One of the first things a potential buyer will see is your entry way. Does your home have a transom window? This is the horizontal window that is above the front door. Its also called a fan light. Not only are address numbers required by most cities for safety reasons, they can be the crown jewel of your entry way.

You can choose from a variety of classic and modern fonts to create your own custom design for your home address numbers. A classic font like Bodoni gives a stately look while a font like Motor Oil has a hint of Art Deco. Bodoni is far and away the most popular font used for the bespoke home address numbers we make.

The type of window vinyl also plays a role in the look of your home address numbers. Florentine Gold Leaf address numbers look very regal and dignified. Florentine Silver Leaf vinyl gives a completely different impression. It's still fabulous, but is a bit more reserved. In addition, offerings like Pewter, Copper, Brushed Gold and Brushed Silver can be used to create the look and feel you're going for. It's totally up to your personal preference and style.

For a truly bold impression, we can add a black outline and drop shadow to your address numbers. This helps them really stand out. If you want a more subtle, slightly understated, look just stick with a single color vinyl.

Sizing is important. The transom address numbers shouldn't be too big. There is no exact size, it depends mostly on the size of your window. It should be large enough to be readable from the street, yetsmall enough to blend in with the facade.

A popular option is to add an accent in addition to the address numbers. This really takes the look to the next level in terms of creating a majestic entryway to your home.

By working with us, you can create truly unique and custom home address numbers and in turn, beautify your home. Choose a font that compliments the architecture of your home. Select from a wide assortment of window vinyl colors and styles. It can even turn into a conversation starter with the potential buyer. Every little detail is important when prepping your home to be put on the market. Getting custom address numbers for your home is quick, easy and cost effective way to add that crown jewel to your front door.


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